Depressing Isn't It?

You've heard those words before.  You've probably said them.  I know I have.

"Depressing Isn't It?"

It is something that we say when faced with a situation or circumstance that doesn't go well.

I read the book of Job this week.  I have, to be honest with you.  It's one of my least favorite books in the Bible.  I don't like watching Job go through all of that.  I like his three, "friends" even less.  Encouraging isn't the word I would use to describe them.  A gang of judgemental, arrogant,  know it alls, with the sensitivity of a brick come to mind.

Then again.  Don't we talk to ourselves this way?

In the middle of my day today (which has been a little aggravating, to say the least) I got this text.

Excellent counsel for Job and myself too.

I hung my head in shame as I remembered my devotions this morning.  In the last 2 or 3 chapters of Job, God has a conversation with Job which put things into perspective.  God challenges Jobs argument that He has treated him unfairly.  "Job?  Do you know how to do my job better than I?  

While I was growling at my situation, I decided to swallow my pride and take a different approach.  God knows what is going on - just trust Him.  So with that said I re-engaged my problem with a new attitude and, "voila" everything just fell into place.  

Don't let situations depress you.  Don't declare it to be so.  Change your attitude and watch what God does.  Don't believe me?  Job 42:1 - 6 Job repents!  (Good idea) 42: 7 - 9 God makes the three friends offer a sacrifice on behalf of Job.  (Nice apology for being a bunch of jerks.)  42: 10 - 17 God restores everything back to Job to a greater measure than before.  (He lived to be 140).  Nice change of attitude, don't you think? 


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