Christmas First

Why do we celebrate Christmas?  Why is it the biggest holiday of them all?  Why do we go to such extremes to honor Jesus?  It's about firsts.

Christmas recognizes that God was putting us first by sending His Son to live among us, understand us and give His life for us.

Christmas acknowledges that Jesus was putting us first by giving up His place in heaven to be "God with us" here on earth.

Christmas reminds us that Jesus is our deliver, our healer, the author of our faith and our future.

Christmas is one way that we put Jesus first in our lives.  How?  Because we are proclaiming what is already true.  He is the center, the anchor of our lives.  He is the reason why we can be saved from our sins and have hope for tomorrow.  He is supreme over all.  There is no other name above the name of Jesus.  That includes the names of depression, discouragement, bankruptcy, divorce, cancer and more.

Take one minute right now and think about what this Christmas is going to mean to you.  How is this one going to be different from all of the others you have celebrated.  How are you going to make this the best Christmas ever?  By spending more money than ever?  No.  By throwing the biggest party on the block?  No.  You're going to do it by putting Christ first in your life.  Now, how are you going to do that?