When God Shows Up

Gideon is at the edge of his enemies camp facing his fears.  What those fears were we don't exactly know.  But here are a few truths that can give you comfort.

- It doesn't matter what the fear is about - it can be defeated.
- God didn't rebuke Gideon for having fear - but rewarded him for facing it.
- God is working in places you have never been to get you to places where you need to go.

At the edge of the camp, Gideon overhears a couple of soldiers from the Midianite army.  One shares a dream about their army being destroyed.  The other solider interpreted the dream to mean that the God of Israel and Gideon would defeat them.  Gideon gets the message and worships God for it.

I compare this event with other great people of faith in the Bible who had a "God moment."  Joseph had a dream.  Moses had a burning bush.  Davids visit from a prophet.  Pauls vision on the road to Damascus.

So where was your "God moment"?  That moment when God showed up and shared something with you that brought clarity to the purpose of your life.  I write this with the understanding that some of you have had this moment and some of you are about to experience this.  Nonetheless, I want to share with you some principles about this moment that you need to know or that you may need to remember.

The "VISION" is more important than the "HOW."
I have seen people who had their "God moment" and bogged it down with questions like, "How is this going to happen?"  "What do I have to do to prepare?"  "What is going to happen next?"  I compare this experience to Moses and the burning bush.  Moses wasn't very eager to accept his new assignment, but God insisted.  Eventually, God shared with him a piece of information that got him moving.  The journey is more important than the destination.  "Don't worry Mo. You'll have everything that you need by the time that you get there.  Just start moving!"

God's calling QUALIFIES you, not your qualifications.
Were any of the men and women who were called to do something significant for God qualified to do so?  Not really.  Gideon especially falls into this category.  But God called him to be the next Judge of Israel so what made the difference?  God and God alone.  There are times when you just need to face that fact.  While you, like I, would love to think that your skills and talents got your where we are going.  Let's be honest.  The only reason you are where you are is that God wills it.

When in doubt, REMEMBER!
There will be times when all you have to hang on to is your, "God moment."  Moses had to remember; Paul had to remember even Jesus.  One might think that if God is in it, He will make it easier for you.  But it doesn't work that way.  Why?  Remember that God is doing a work in you as much as He is doing a work through you.  Never forget what God has told you.  I will be your anchor during the rough storms of life.

So why do I need this God moment?  You'll see - tomorrow.