How to win impossible victories.

Gideon had an army of 300.  Let's be honest here.  That's not much of an army or is it?

Recently I read,  “In a study of some 30 conflicts comprising more than 280 campaigns from ancient to modern history, the brilliant strategist and historian B. H. Liddell Hart came to a stunning conclusion: In only 6 of the 280 campaigns was the decisive victory a result of a direct attack on the enemy’s main army.

Only six. That’s 2 percent.

If not from pitched battles, where do we find victory?”
Excerpt From: Ryan Holiday. “The Obstacle Is the Way.” iBooks.

Great question!  If you don't have all the money, knowledge, strength or faith that you need?  What do you do?  Follow Gideons lead.

#1 Gideon knew that he didn't have enough, it didn't matter if he had 32,300 or 300.  
Reality is a beautiful thing.  But rarely is it all good news.  However, this is a big one; there is good news in our reality.  Remember this.  You will find real hope in reality - you will find false hope in denial.  

#2 Gideon found leverage in something his enemy didn't have. 
When faced with overcoming odds find something that your enemy doesn't have and exploit it.  What did Gideon have that the Midianites didn't have?  God.  Gideon's faith in God was the difference between victory and defeat.  Just because you don't have what you want doesn't mean you don't have what you need.

#3 Gideon was willing to risk it all to gain it all.  
One's risk is proportional to their reward.  In other words, if you are willing to risk a little you win a little.  If you are ready to risk a lot, well . . .

Today there are some of us who are going out to a local Palm City street and picking up litter.  Why?   We want to send a message to our community that we care about them and our city.  People will never know that we are passionate about them until we show them in real and tangible ways.

Today some of us are preparing to go to church tomorrow. - Why?
Because our faith is our leverage against the world that works against us.  Sunday is the first and best day of the week to be encouraged and to prepare for everyday life.  We discover God just as Gideon did at the enemies camp.

Today we are setting aside something to give. - Why?
Because, by faith, we believe that little is much in the hands of God.  That doesn't mean what you are giving is small.  But when we compare our giving to the need it seems small.  When you compare Gideons 300 against the Midianites 120,000 it seems small.  But, small wins 98% of the time.


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