How to go to church this Easter

There are a lot of articles out there that answer the question, Why?

But I couldn’t find any that answer the question, How? 

So here are a few suggestions that you might want to consider. 

#1 - Go with someone you know.
It’s nice to have a tour guide.  But if you don’t have anyone to attend church with - go anyway.  The rest of this blog will help you. 

#2 - Don’t worry about the details.
- I don’t know the words to the songs.  
     They don’t expect you to know the words.
-I don’t know where to sit. 
      Unless a seat is “Reserved” you can sit anywhere. 
- I didn’t bring any money to give.  
      They didn’t expect you to put anything in the offering.  
- I don’t know when to stand up or sit down.  
      Just do what everyone else does.  Usually someone on the platform will give you instructions.  
- They want to give me stuff!  (Like a coffee cup)  What do I do? 
      Take it, they are being nice to you! 
- What about my children? 
      Ask questions!  Usually they will tell you that information up front, but remember, it’s Easter.  They staff might be a bit overwhelmed.  Ask as many questions as you like. 
- How do I dress?
      Business casual is a good middle of the road choice.  Jeans and a clean t-shirt will do too. 

#3 - Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Usually churches have directional signage telling you where key areas are, like the bathroom.  But if you get lost - ask for directions.  They don’t mind, really! 

#4 - Remember this isn’t a concert. 
The singers are probably not professionals.  The audio / visual experience could be a bit more polished.  The decor may even be dated.  Good churches know this and are working on it.  Cut them some slack.  You’ll have a better time if you do. 

#5 - Remember, they do care. 
Just like everyday life, people have bad days.  You might meet someone at church who is having one of those days.  Do not assume that everyone in church is cranky.  There are people there who care about you very, very much.  Give them a chance.