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When It All Goes Wrong.

You may have noticed the news story of a pastor who had to defend himself from a employee who decided to shoot him.  Apparently everything went wrong when the pastor told the employee that he was terminated.  The pastor, who had a permit to carry his firearm, returned fired injuring the shooter. I want to take a few moments to say, please pray for the pastor and the church.  While they would have NEVER have choosen to place themselves in this situation - they prepared for the possibility none the less.  It is the day and time that we live in people.  While you hope that no one ever does this to you, you have to be prepared. Since the story broke I have heard again and again, "The pastor shouldn't carry a gun."  Really, with all that is going on in the world, you think that pastors and churches are exempt from the violence that is consuming our society?  I have to say that I have received my fair share of death threats over the years.  I have had pastors call me and as