Transformational Tuesday

Lives being changed for the better is always a good thing.

A year and a half ago a young lady walked into our church one Sunday with eyes wide open.  I could tell right from the beginning that she hadn't been in a church like ours before.  Everything that we did was strange and different.  While she had been raised in church - it wasn't the same.

Well a few weeks later, she gave her heart and life to Christ in a real and wonderful way.  She was excited about this new relationship and what it could bring to her.  Now I would be lying if I said that it's all been smooth sailing.  It hasn't.  But she will tell you that the trip has been worth it all.

As a result of her new found faith, her family has been transformed too.  Many of them giving their life to Jesus.  Many of them open to experiencing something new from God.

In all my years I have never seen someone's worldview change so quickly.  She no longer looks at her world through her eyes, she looks through Jesus' now.  Her heart desires to please Christ with everything she has, isn't just overwhelming - it's refreshing.

Her relationship with Jesus is always seeking His face and discovering new truths for herself.  Her love for His Church is passionate and alive.  Her desire to devour His Word into her life has changed her attitude, her life and her future.

Today is Transformational Tuesday.  Know this - Jesus will transform your life if you let Him.  Just like he did Bianca's.

See you Sunday at FFWC!  It's our annual Thanksgiving Sunday Service followed by a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner.  You and your family are welcome to attend.


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