Sing With Me Now! Happy Bday to you . . .

Today is my wife bday.  She usually doesn't mind me telling people how old she is, but I'm not going to risk it - you ask her if you want to know.

Did you know she is a . . .

Well if you know Anneka, you know that Betty is her mom.  But did you know that Betty has to recover from a serious pulmonary event in her 20's in order to be able to carry and deliver a child in her late 30's?  Did you know that she endured 4 miscarriages before Anneka? So when Betty comes off a little overprotective (And what mom doesn't?) I know she earned it.

Dance Mom?
She didn't see this one coming either.  If Betty and I were to trace our lineage back to Adam and Eve I do believe that you wouldn't find anyone coordinated enough to walk and chew gum at the same time must less dance.  But there you have it and Annekas #1 cheerleader is?  You guessed it.

Ordained Minister?
- Betty graduated with me in 1985 from Central Bible College in Springfield Missouri with a BA in Bible and Theology.  She received her credentials in the early 90's and was ordained in 1995.   In those days there was only a handful of women in the Assemblies of God who were credentialed or ordained.  Seeing her ordained inspired other women to follow.  (I know, they told me.)

Pastors Wife?
- It's a given that if you know that I am a pastor, then she is a pastors wife.  But you might not understand the statement.  Plenty of people are in the ministry, but that doesn't mean that their spouses are.  Betty has been my number 1 cheerleader for over 30 years now.  I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT HER.

Children's Pastor?
- 19 years ago I needed a children's pastor.  She agreed to do it on a temporary basis.  As it turns out, she is GREAT at it.  The children she taught 19 years ago now bring their children to her.  It isn't anything high tech, fancy or over the top.  It's Betty.  The children LOVE Miss Betty.  Also, she has led these kids to give in the area of $35,000 to missions through (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge) in the last 19 years.

- John Maxwell said that Leadership is Influence.  If you know Betty. then you know that she is a powerful influence in the lives of people.  Is it her goal to control or manipulate?  No.  Her goal is to lead you to a better future.  She will share her wisdom and knowledge freely.  She will give generously.  She will love you unconditionally and she will always expect from you what you don't even know is within you.

She was classically trained to sing soprano.  She sang in her youth choir as a teen (which traveled the country).  She sang in our college choir.  They also traveled the country representing the Assemblies of God.  She has been singing at my side for over 30 years now every Sunday morning.  She has been a guest soloist at numerous events and for other church choral presentations.  

Oh yes, there's more.  But I think that I will save that for another time.

I think that she is an amazing woman and I have been the one that has been blessed all these years.


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