Leadership without Faith

Statements of faith are a part of our lives.  "We believe that we will make it!"   "We believe we can turn this marriage around."  "We believe that we can live a sober life."  

Statements of faith are necessary for us to move forward and to move on.  

But our president just said in his 38-minute address to the United Nations. "No external power can bring about a transformation of hearts and minds."

If I believed that for a second, I would stop what I am doing.  

You've got to believe in something bigger than yourself if you are going to be a leader.  Faith is a huge part of leadership.  Jesus came to be the external power that would transform our lives and then He sent His Holy Spirit to continue that work in and through us.  

If there is no external power - then how do you explain miracles like this? 

If there is no external power - then how do you explain stories like this? 

Yes, there can be a transformation of hearts and minds when we give Christ a chance to be involved.  But as long as we push the hope of Christs' love for us and for others away - we will continue to watch our world disintegrate and destroy itself.  As long as we arrogantly think that we are the solution and that we don't need God's help - we doom ourselves to failure.  It is time to pray and ask God to forgive us - it is time to change our ways - it is time to believe!


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