30 Years of Marriage

This is what my wife posted on Facebook this morning. 

Only God knew that two people, a Hillbilly and a City Girl would fall madly in love with each other. Only God knew that despite their great differences, that when joined together they would become an unstoppable force. Only God knew the tragedies, sorrows, joys, and triumphs they would face together. Only God knew that they would beat the odds. I'm thankful that only God knew, and He made it perfection. Happy 30th Anniversary Russ! I Love You!!!

I really couldn't say it any better than this. 

But on this day 30 years ago I said, "I do."  I tried to put the wedding ring on the wrong finger.  My shoes were 3 sizes too big.  Someone stole my tennis shoes and my mother in law hid the grooms cake.  (It was shaped like a coffin and it said, "I'll never rest again.")  Well, that's how things got started.  I have to say, there hasn't been a dull moment ever since.  

Marrying Betty was the best decision I could have made.  But 30 years ago I was too young and immature to know it.  Time has told a story of tragedies and victories, bright of moments and dark times.  I have fought the world for her and I fought her too.  (Not the smartest thing I've ever done.)  I have been there for her and I have failed her.  I've made the best of decisions and the worst.  Yet through it all - she stood by my side.  

When I didn't know what to do - when it was all closing in - she didn't run away.  When I would throw up my hands and quit - she wouldn't.  She has, and always will, give me a swift kick in the seat of the pants when I need it.  She will also hold me when I cry in despair.  She is my biggest fan and now I couldn't even imagine what a day would be like without her.  The words she speaks to me are more important than anyone else's.  I love her so much,

I willing let her shape my life and speak to my soul.  

I can only hope that I can do the same for her.  To love and to cherish, for better or worse, till death do us part.  

The only thing that I can say to you Betty is, "I Love You Too!"  But for anyone reading this out there, I'm sorry that you don't understand what that means.  30 years has changed the words, "I love you" to something more.  So much more.   That isn't to say that you can't ever understand.  You've just got to do it like I did and discover it for yourself.  Then you will know what I mean.  I am so happy that Betty taught me what "I love you" means.