When Great Pastors Go Bad - Bob Coy Resigns.

If you don't know, Pastor of Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale, Bob Coy, has confessed to church leadership of his moral failures and has subsequently resigned. 

What these moral failures were,  and when they happened, isn't and shouldn't be speculated on.  Bottom line, it's really none of our business.  Sin has happened.

So now what?

Well, we can fall in line with all the cynics and point our fingers shouting, "See! See!  I told you, you can't trust them!  All megachurch pastors are bad!  All they want is your money!  They don't care about you!  They don't answer to anyone!"

We could lump all ministers into the same category and make them pay for the mistakes of others.  Judge them as immoral, criminal or even hypocrites.

We could look up to heaven and tell Jesus, "I love you - but I'm not going to church because it's corrupt and can't be trusted."

I STRONGLY suggest that you do none of that.  And here is why.

Remember, this isn't a scandal.  Don't believe everything you read in the media.  As a church leader, I've have had to, on occasion (thankfully not frequently) deal with ministers and their moral failures.  From what I know, a serious problem was revealed (somehow) and the church leadership did what they have to do.  Hold the pastor accountable and take appropriate action.  In this situation - Pastor Coy resigned.

Remember, there is a church in pain.  I've pastored churches where my predecessor had failed in some way.  The people feel shame, regret, pain and anger.  The relationship of trust, which a church cannot live without, has been damaged.  You will see a variety of responses to this event.  Some will leave the church and go elsewhere.  Others will respond with mercy and offer forgiveness.

Remember, God knew about this before we did.  Everything is happening in His time.  While we may not ever know or understand everything, God does.  He already has a plan for Bob's life and future as well as the church's.  He will take care of this - you will see.

Listen, to the motives - not the excuses.  At some time, we will hear from Bob.  When that happens, I hope that it will be to tell us how sin got ahold of his life - not some excuse that dismisses his behavior.  Regardless though, listen.  What he says may save you in the future.  Learn from his mistakes.  

Remember you're forgiven.  If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior - then you know that you can't judge others for their sins.  That only God can do that.  But if you don't understand that, let me put it to you another way.  If Bob Coy can't be forgiven, neither can you.  LET IT GO  - God is better at being God than you are.


Unknown said…
I know that I know Bob Coy is an anointed man of God. We shouldn't judge, we are all capable of falling into huge sin before you can blink you're being swallowed alive. Of course the sin can't be ignored, but no one knows the man's heart. Calling sin, sin is not judging, its also what we are called to do, but I can't look down my pious nose and say he's a bad person. God loves Bob as much today, As He did yesterday
Worship said…
Russ.. This is a continued reminder from the Lord that following the Lord is far greater than following the personality who 'leads' the Lord's people. Every leader's feet are but "clay", despite our behavior which would suggest we wear a "S" on our chest. Every failure, moral or otherwise, always grieves me, but at the same time it makes my hand grow tighter around the Lord's hand, following Him alone.
Anonymous said…
This all says a lot more about the Calvary Chapel model and the model of American evangelical mega churches built around the cult of personality. I don't vilify Bob Coy. He's not the 1st guy who cheated, got into porn or whatever he did, and based on other sites I'm assuming his "moral failure" has something to do with sexual impropriety. Sex seems to be the biggest sin evangelicals focus on, including the harsh judgement of gays. Ever notice how little Jesus had to say about sexual behavior.? He railed more against religious hypocrites.

Many comments by church members focus on forgiveness for him, prayers for him etc. The real victims here are his wife and children. In the long run, family is all that really matters in our personal lives. While these comments of support for Coy seem kind and loving they really miss the mark. It's not just about him.

Calvary is a cultish organization. Sorry if this offends, but that's my perspective. The mega church model seems so far removed from anything that resembles Christianity. Money, power, job security become enmeshed in these organizations which look more like corporate entities than spiritual havens of truth. I look at this story and think about the real martyrs of Christianity in places like Syria, Egypt, China... These pseudo pastors look more like the clerics of Jesus time that he warned about.
Anonymous said…
One more thing I feel compelled to add: the story line is that Bob Coy resigned. Really? The more likely story is that he was outed and was forced to fess up. It's likely that his "moral failure" wasn't new. Once it all came to light he was confronted, terminated, and the church administrators did the public relations/corporate thing and announced his resignation. Total BS.

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