Easter Sunday Evening Thoughts

It is Sunday afternoon and I am here at my desk thinking about this weekend.

The Saturday service was awesome.  Ok we had some problem with the sound, but we got that fixed by Sunday.

I was encouraged by how many people told me that they would attend a Saturday service.  (they work on Sunday)

My wifes voice is GONE!  Two extreme children's churches, two song services with two solos - WOW!

105 people in this mornings service.  THE HOUSE WAS PACKED!  It really did look good.

The worship team sounded really good.

Deana and her team did a great job with the Easter Egg hunt and Easter Games!

Thanks to all the 4HIM youth who helped - we couldn't have done it without you!

The golf cart - to help people to and from their cars - was a GREAT idea!

Hey!  Did you know that Dan and Stephanie got engaged?

We found a lot of nickels up at the front of the church.  (You had to be there)

Greeters did a great job of greeting!!

Parking attendants - we couldn't have done it without it.

The unsung heros!  The custodial crew (this church is CLEAN!) and the ground maintenance crew - what an awesome job!  The church looked great!

166 in attendance and 10 people gave their hearts to Christ.

Many people really, really, really like the service!


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