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Easter Sunday Evening Thoughts

It is Sunday afternoon and I am here at my desk thinking about this weekend. The Saturday service was awesome.  Ok we had some problem with the sound, but we got that fixed by Sunday. I was encouraged by how many people told me that they would attend a Saturday service.  (they work on Sunday) My wifes voice is GONE!  Two extreme children's churches, two song services with two solos - WOW! 105 people in this mornings service.  THE HOUSE WAS PACKED!  It really did look good. The worship team sounded really good. Deana and her team did a great job with the Easter Egg hunt and Easter Games! Thanks to all the 4HIM youth who helped - we couldn't have done it without you! The golf cart - to help people to and from their cars - was a GREAT idea! Hey!  Did you know that Dan and Stephanie got engaged? We found a lot of nickels up at the front of the church.  (You had to be there) Greeters did a great job of greeting!! Parking attendants - we couldn't have done

When Great Pastors Go Bad - Bob Coy Resigns.

If you don't know, Pastor of Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale, Bob Coy, has confessed to church leadership of his moral failures and has subsequently resigned.  What these moral failures were,  and when they happened, isn't and shouldn't be speculated on.  Bottom line, it's really none of our business.  Sin has happened. So now what? Well, we can fall in line with all the cynics and point our fingers shouting, "See! See!  I told you, you can't trust them!  All megachurch pastors are bad!  All they want is your money!  They don't care about you!  They don't answer to anyone!" We could lump all ministers into the same category and make them pay for the mistakes of others.  Judge them as immoral, criminal or even hypocrites. We could look up to heaven and tell Jesus, "I love you - but I'm not going to church because it's corrupt and can't be trusted." I STRONGLY suggest that you do none of that.