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Where's the Ark!

PBC, St. Lucie Co. public schools closed I 95 shut down Hundreds without power in Palm Beach Co. Flood in Fort Pierce and more!  While we are high a dry (well as dry as you can be through this) this "florida blizzard" still wreaked havoc all across the Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast today.  Yes we are in the "dry season" but no one told that Polar Vortex to come down and pay us a visit either.   There are a couple of things that I can share with you about all of this. Normal isn't normal any more.  Sure the "global warming" "save the planet" crew and in full swing claiming that years of environmental abuse has brought all of this on us.  I have my doubts about that.    Other scientists claim that this is a cycle of climate behavior that can be traced back hundreds of years.  Whatever.  The fact of the matter is this.  You and I live in a world where EVERYTHING IS CHANGING.  I mean everything!  I am not surprised that the weather