Lessons of Leadership - Moses and the Red Sea Part 2

What is that in your hand?
When Moses faced the Red Sea all God him to do was stretch his staff out over it.
Out of all the things you can do against your Red Sea - did you think of using what is in your hand?
There was nothing magical about the staff. It was just a piece of wood, that's all. But in the hands of someone whom God has blessed and ordained to face that Red Sea, it becomes a symbol of power and leadership. Not Moses', Gods.
The Israelites knew that God had done this for them. (They had just witnessed 10 plagues from Him, remember?) They also knew that Moses was God's chosen leader for that time. Even though they had just logged and huge complaint against Moses for leading them to their death, God prevailed.
How many times have we lodged a protest against God, or against His appointed leaders in dire times of need. Why didn't you see this coming? Why didn't you do a better job? Why is this happening to us? Don't you understand that we are going to die here?
As a leader have you ever looked up to heaven and said, "Oh God? What do I do?" I know we have all felt like Moses from time to time, but let's remember a few things. 1 - What did God tell you in the past. Don't yell at God about where you are at if He led you there. Marriages, families, churches and businesses sometimes struggle. If God was in it in the beginning, then the struggle isn't going to defeat you - as long as you commit it to God.
2 - Everything you need is at your finger tips. You've just got to believe that God can use it. This is faith. I'm sure there were a few people who looked at Moses as he stretched out his staff over the Red Sea and said, "What is that idiot doing?" You may look at what you have and say, "I've got nothing." So look at what you have through God's eyes and see what you have. It will shock you.