When God Says No - Not Today

Sorry that I haven't blogged this week that much. I'm getting back into the habit of doing it again after a short hiatus. But yesterday was a day worth blogging about.

When you get up in the morning, I'm sure that you have some kind of idea on how your day is going to go. You're going to do A) B) C) then eat a quick lunch then go on to - and on and on and on. Well that was the plan yesterday morning, but God said - NO!

Now before I go on, let me say this. God is more interested in you doing what He wants you to do than what you want to do. This isn't an insult to your intelligence. The truth be known, you're suppose to be that way too. The trick is to see it when it happens and go along with it.

So I was awakened to a number of text messages this morning. Some were easy, others were a little more challenging. Both came back to be a blessing to me.

I've been looking for someone to do a brake job on my car. The cheapest shop around was $260 for all my brakes. Pastor Tom's friend is going to do it for me for $120, pads and all. Kudos to Pastor Tom!!

Then Betty and I end up going by someones home (who was suppose to meet me at my office) because my schedule was disintegrating before my eyes. A tragedy turned into a victory (which I hope we can hear about on Sunday). God is good!

Then it was on to dancing. I hate to admit it but I am a dancing dad. One of the moms, who Betty knows and works with, needed some help. So we picked up her lovely daughter and shuttled her to her private lesson.

When we get to the studio they ask us to pick up a gallon of paint. (someone tried to touch up some spots and didn't use the right color) "Oh by the way, when you get back - we will evaluate Anneka for Pointe." This is a BIG deal and a surprise to me.

So off to Lowes, a quick stop by Big Lots (hey you can get some electronic stuff cheap there) and back to the studio.

The paint was a match and Anneka passed her first test. COOL!!! The kid can dance and I don't mean maybe. (Now there are xrays and a doctor visit - growth plates and stuff. )

Took the kids to Tijuana Flats and then drop the kid off at her house. A quick drop off turned into a lovely visit. But I had no idea what time it was. I almost missed a conference call.

I have to be honest, I hate conference calls. They are a necessary evil. I prefer to talk to people face to face. Seems to go better that way. But at the end of the call I had around another 8 hours of work laid in my lap to do this weekend. (I have no idea when). Here's the deal though. I am going to do it because I want to honor my friends and what they believe in. If a few hours of my time will help them be successful - then I will gladly give it to them.

Now back to the church where my good buddy brought something by that we have been working on for quite some time. Don't want to talk about it here, but if you see me I'll be glad to show you pictures. It's his way of honoring me - I pray that God blesses him a hundredfold for it too!

Then as soon as he was gone, someone else came by my office and introduced her mom to Betty and I. Their 3 year old had a blast with Anneka and got to make a new friend.  I love making new friends.

Back to the dance studio for the last of Anneka's summer dance classes.

Betty and I have dinner with the "other" red head - Deana. Who sits there and listened to the whole story of the day. With patience. Well, mostly patient. Then the food came late. Got back to the studio late.

After it is all said and done - what did I get out of this?
- A couple of miracles - the chance to honor people who He has blessed me with the privilege of knowing - the chance to enrich and value peoples lives - to let my life so shine to others, that they see who really lives in me.

God has no problem interrupting your day for a greater purpose than yours.  Let it happen and enjoy the blessing!