When I Can't Sleep

So at 2:10 am this morning I'm awake.  I'm not rested, but awake.  Grrrr.  So I pick up my iphone to see  what the rest of the world is doing at 2:10 am and discover - not much.  It's 10:30 am right now and it still isn't doing anything worth noting either.  

Like most guys, I'm a gadget geek.  So I read a few blogs who focus on the latest gadgets you can get.  Now I don't know if it was the early hour, or if any of this is true, but these latest gadget offerings just struck me odd. 

The world's first and only automatic, sensor- equipped paper towel dispenser. 

Ok - Really?  You're already 6 inches away from the paper towel!  Just make that extra effort and GO FOR IT!  I don't know, but this one just screams LAZY to me.  

Wanna buy it?  It will set you back $50, but here's the link!  Click here 

Cassette to MP3 converter 

Ok, this one isn't so bad.  If you've got boxes and boxes of old cassette tapes - and if they don't offer the music on iTunes - and if you really need to listen to some music from the early 80's - then here's the ticket.  

Also, if you have some custom tapes of important events in your life, you probably need to get them digitized before the cassette tapes totally disintegrates.    

Wanna buy it?  It will set you back $50, but here's the link!  Click here 

Magnetic Scrabble tiles

I can't spell kat, qat, ohhh. Here kitty, kitty, kitty!   So you want me to prove it on the front of my fridge?  

But for you wordsmiths who would enjoy this kind of stuff.  It's $10.  Click here.  

Ok, this one might be fun.  There are some rumors that there will be a Inception 2 movie.  Now if you have seen the first movie, this will make sense.  If you didn't, just move on.  

Buy this spinning top, wait for the second movie to come out.  Go to your favorite restaurant and spin this thing on the table.  Just wait for the responses.  

Really?  If you have a heart attack in this thing, don't be surprised if your cardiologist holds this up in front of you and says, "I think this might be the problem!"  

But if you want to chance it, it will cost you $60.  SIXTY DOLLARS!!!!!   Click here 

$100 Dollar Bill Napkins. 

All I could think of was, "Do they use these at the White House?"

Well you can get 10 napkins for $5.  Hey, that is expensive!  Click here