It's Epic

The definition of Epic is, "extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope."  

What is Epic in your life?  Some people work very hard to keep anything from being to Epic.  I can understand that there are some things that we don't want to be very Epic.  The bills, sickness, problems and troubles.  Nobody likes those, but let's be honest.  They happen whether we like it or not.  One Epic event in our life and everything changes. 

I'm not going to dwell on that point today.   God is and always will be more Epic that your most Epic problem. 

My question today is this.  What is so Epic about your life that other people actually enjoy it?  In other words, what good or great thing do you do that draws people to you?  Do people love your cooking?  Do they love your conversation?  Do they love your attitude or smile?  Do they like your hobbies or your habits?  Do you attract other coffee drinkers to yourself?  Do you seem to 

What wonderful and enjoyable thing do you do that is over the top, fun, enjoyable and A BLESSING TO OTHERS! 

Jesus was one of the most Epic people that I know.  His teaching was epic.  (It changed the world.)  His ministry was epic. (It change peoples lives)  His promises were epic.  (It gives us hope.)  But I have to think that just hanging around Jesus was boring either.  He was funny, serious, caring and hard working.  But think about this - what Jesus wasn't.  

He wasn't know to be a great singer, artist, writer or actor.  But what He did has inspired great singers, artists, writers and actors/actresses.  What has God gifted you with that is a blessing to others?  Don't keep it hidden.  Let it be EPIC!!  Be a blessing to others - you'll be surprised who you will inspired.  


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