The "Change" Questions to ask yourself

Changing you - your family - your business - your church - whatever is risky business.  Believe me I know.  So let's take a few moments to consider what you need to do to change.

#1 - Are you really willing to do it?  This requires pain.  Is the pain of what you are doing now greater than the pain you anticipate change will bring.  While this isn't the best way to approach this question I have found that it is the most popular.

#2 - Are you going to do it God's way?  Let's be honest here.  If you don't have His support how far are you going to get?

#3 - Is this the mountain that you are willing to die on?  Know that you are going to be tested and tried for your decisions.  If you don't have the resolve to see it through - don't do it.

If you answered YES to the following three questions - then proceed.   But if you said NO to any of them stop.  You've set yourself up to fail.  Take the time to back up and get these three questions right - FIRST!


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