Introducing Change

How to introduce change - BEFORE - you do it!

PERSONAL CHANGE - There are those that would argue that if all you are doing is changing yourself, then go ahead, you don't need anyones permission.  I disagree.  First of all you need God's permission.  Does He support your decisions?  If He doesn't agree with you I can guarantee He is going to frustrate your plans.

Secondly, are you in any kind of relationships.  Are you married?  Do you have kids?  How is this going to effect them?  If you include them as part of the process, they will more likely support you thought it.  But if you "just do it"  I guarantee that you will meet some resistance.

So what do you do?  Talk about it - A LOT!  Keep talking about it until you hear someone say, "Don't talk about it anymore, just do it!"  Once you have their support - then proceed.

FAMILY CHANGE - If you are going to change your family, then you need to think this through.  There are so many reasons why you might want to do this.  Whatever those reason are, here are a few things to consider.

Crisis always brings change.  The choice you have to make here is what kind of change.  Decide how the crisis is going to change your family, don't let the crisis choose - EVER!

Change cannot be selfish.  Some choices require you to make sacrifices for the better good.  Don't be resentful about this.  You're investing in the long term future by making sacrifices in the short term.

Be simple and clear when you talk to your family.  Let them know what you see and how you see it right now (they can help you see more clearly).  Then let them know what your goal is.  (See if they buy into it)  THEN AND ONLY THEN tell them what it will take to achieve that goal.  There will be a lot of discussion here, maybe a few changes that will help settle some rattled nerves - but once you have buy in - GO FOR IT.

BUSINESS OR CHURCH CHANGE - Whether you pay your employees or if you solely depend on volunteers the principle here is the same.  You want them to buy in and give 110% to the vision.

With that said, HOW?  Remember, talk about it!  Ask leading questions.  "What do you think about this?"  or  "How would you do that?"  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER ask the question, "Why?"  The why question threatens people to defend their position.  You want honest answers that people will allow to be modified in the future.

Keep talking and keep moving!  Once you have momentum, don't loose it.  But keep it at a pace that people can embrace.  To slow and you will be marginalized - to fast and you will be rejected.  You're people will let you know how you are doing.  But you must PAY ATTENTION!


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