Being a Mom

I don't have a clue how to be a mom.  All I know is what I have seen and experienced for myself.

The personal sacrifices.

The passion.

The love.

The determination.

The hope.

We live in a day when these great qualities are slowly fading from the culture of the family.  Selfishness, apathy and what I call, a losers attitude, are becoming a more predominate part of our family culture today.  The result of which is ruining our children.  Children, whether we want to admit it or not, are nothing more than little versions of ourselves.  I consider moms, and dads too, the guardians of our future.  We shape the future in our own image.

I am grateful for a mom who stuck by her guns and set a standard that expected more from me, even in the face of criticism and rejection.

I am grateful to Betty, who sets a standard for Anneka that is shaping her spirit and future to be solid and sure.

Motherhood isn't easy. (No Duh!) But these women sure make it look that way.  I can tell you from personal experience.  Without the sacrifice, the passion, the love, the determination and the hope - I wouldn't be here today writing this nor would Anneka have a hope in the world to become a great woman of God.

Motherhood makes ALL the difference.