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Introducing Change

How to introduce change - BEFORE - you do it! PERSONAL CHANGE - There are those that would argue that if all you are doing is changing yourself, then go ahead, you don't need anyones permission.  I disagree.  First of all you need God's permission.  Does He support your decisions?  If He doesn't agree with you I can guarantee He is going to frustrate your plans. Secondly, are you in any kind of relationships.  Are you married?  Do you have kids?  How is this going to effect them?  If you include them as part of the process, they will more likely support you thought it.  But if you "just do it"  I guarantee that you will meet some resistance. So what do you do?  Talk about it - A LOT!  Keep talking about it until you hear someone say, "Don't talk about it anymore, just do it!"  Once you have their support - then proceed. FAMILY CHANGE - If you are going to change your family, then you need to think this through.  There are so many reasons wh

The "Change" Questions to ask yourself

Changing you - your family - your business - your church - whatever is risky business.  Believe me I know.  So let's take a few moments to consider what you need to do to change. #1 - Are you really willing to do it?  This requires pain.  Is the pain of what you are doing now greater than the pain you anticipate change will bring.  While this isn't the best way to approach this question I have found that it is the most popular. #2 - Are you going to do it God's way?   Let's be honest here.  If you don't have His support how far are you going to get? #3 - Is this the mountain that you are willing to die on?  Know that you are going to be tested and tried for your decisions.  If you don't have the resolve to see it through - don't do it. If you answered YES to the following three questions - then proceed.   But if you said NO to any of them stop.  You've set yourself up to fail.  Take the time to back up and get these three questions right - FI

Time to Change

All of us, probably more than once, have had to stop and rethink what we are doing.  Life has a way of tell us what to do and how to do it.  The problem with that is, life hasn't a clue what it is doing. Jesus said that He was the way, the truth and THE LIFE.  That He would tell us what to do and how to do it.  The Bible also tells us that the ways of this world and not His ways.  That they would be in conflict with each other for our whole lives.  Bummer, I know.  But that is the way that it is.  So what do you do? #1 - Accept the fact that your lifestyle (as a Christian) is going to be challenged by this world.  Don't feel guilty about your choices.  I placed this at number one because if you're not willing to do this - the following steps are going to be VERY frustrating.  #2 - Stop what you are doing now.  Don't feel bad about it - chances are what you are doing is wrong or not just quite right.  Either way, they are leading you down the wrong path.  

Being a Mom

I don't have a clue how to be a mom.  All I know is what I have seen and experienced for myself. The personal sacrifices. The passion. The love. The determination. The hope. We live in a day when these great qualities are slowly fading from the culture of the family.  Selfishness, apathy and what I call, a losers attitude, are becoming a more predominate part of our family culture today.  The result of which is ruining our children.  Children, whether we want to admit it or not, are nothing more than little versions of ourselves.  I consider moms, and dads too, the guardians of our future.  We shape the future in our own image. I am grateful for a mom who stuck by her guns and set a standard that expected more from me, even in the face of criticism and rejection. I am grateful to Betty, who sets a standard for Anneka that is shaping her spirit and future to be solid and sure. Motherhood isn't easy. (No Duh!) But these women sure make it look that way.  I can t

29 years ago . . .

It was on this day 29 years ago that I married my bride and love of my life Betty Engstrom.  Some day I'll have to tell you about it. But I want to back up to 1981.  It was late August and all the freshman at Central Bible College were lining up to get their class assignments for their new year.  There on the steps of the library we impatiently waited for our number to be called.  Once you entered through those doors you embraced God's call on your life and started a process of discovery about your future with Him.  Well, that's the way it was suppose to work.  Except for me, I apparently had to take care of some business. Behind me I could her a young woman and her mother going at it toe to toe.  What classes was she going to take?  What her schedule was going to be?  Blah, Blah, Blah.  Then I finally had it.  When mom said, "I think that you should take greek."  I lost it.  I turned around and said, "Are you crazy?  That's a junior, senior class.