Why Should I Go To Church?

Let's be honest here - Getting up and going to church on Sunday (or whatever day your church has service) can be a pain.  It is a lot of work!  I know, I've been doing it for 30 years.  Getting kids ready - getting yourself ready - it takes a lot of energy and focus.  It's just easier to stay home.  Why?

It is a matter of priorities.  Ask yourself why you go to work?  Why do you take the kids to school?  Why do you go to the store and buy groceries?  These are important to you because you get something out of it.  Money, and education and well fed!  Stop doing one of these things and see what happens.  In a few weeks you will be sitting in the dark - your kids will have to repeat a grade and you're going to get very, very hungry.  We are motivated to keep these (and other things) high on our list of priorities.

So where is God on that list?  Somewhere between going to work and washing the car?  I've had people tell me they had to do those things instead of coming to church.  The work one I can understand, the washing the car though left me shaking my head in bewilderment.

Let's understand something about ourselves that I think will help you get to church this Sunday.   We place high priority on those things that benefit us the most.  We go to work to . . .  pay the bills.  We send out kids to school . . .  so hopefully they will move out of the house some day and start a family of their own.  I think you can see the pattern here.  So let's answer a question.

What do you get out of going to church?  
Wisdom - how to live your life everyday.
Joy - to live life everyday in spite of what you might be facing.
Friendships - that are healthy and balanced.  Friendships that are good for you.
Principles - that help you make the right decisions for your future and your family.
Connection - with God that is like nothing else you have ever experienced.
Miracles - to overcome what Satan and this world would like to force on you.
Support - from people who genuinely care about you.
.... and this is the short list.  There is a lot more you can get our of church - if you will go.  But remember!


Don't drink the Kool Aid - the world will tell you that that have all of these answers.  THEY'RE LIEING!   They would have you do a lot of stuff only to fail, then tell you that it's your fault - you didn't do it right.  Heard that anywhere before?  Don't give up - just get up Sunday!  Go to church!


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