The Day After Easter

You attended Easter services somewhere this weekend, maybe at FFWC, and you did something that you were not necessarily planning on doing. You prayed and asked Jesus into your heart - to forgive you of your sins - and to ask Him to take charge of your life. (Be honest you know you need some help).
Now what? Did that really happen? If you are having feelings of doubt or confusion - don't panic. You're normal. Let's go through a few things that might help.

#1 Did you join a church? No. That wasn't what it was about. Later you can choose to join or be a member of the church of your choice. This was about reconciling your relationship with Jesus.

#2 Do I have to go to church now? No - but not going is a very bad idea. Surround yourself with people who are living the life you desire. They have gone through what you are going through and will help you discover a whole new world of hope!

Oh yea. If you didn't know. You've started a journey that is going to open some doors and help you discover things you thought were impossible.

# 3 Am I going to change? Yes you should. Don't panic. Anything that God removes from your life (notice that I didn't say what you remove from your life and try to get God's approval) is for a reason. But anything He removes He will replace with something that is better for you.

# 4 I'm doubting what happened or that is wasn't that big of a deal. Think back to that moment. Do you really think you were duped into doing something that you didn't want to do? No you're not that naive. What happened was real. Give God permission to be a part of your life. He isn't going to force Himself into it. Here are a few thing that I would challenge you to do this week.

LOOK FOR GOD - it isn't as hard as you might think. God is going to show up in your life now that you have given Him permission to do so.

TELL ANOTHER CHRISTIAN what you did. Just say, "Hey, I prayed this prayer last Sunday, what do you think about it?". You will probably discover you have a new friend.

READ THE BIBLE. This isn't as hard as people make it out to be. First of all find a version that you understand. I would suggest the Contemporary English Version or the English Standard Version. Start reading the book of Mark or John. (DO NOT READ Revelation! Not yet anyway. That will mess you up!). FYI if you're in the Treasure Coast area I'm starting a new Sunday series entitled. "Kaboom! How the world will end."

GO BACK TO CHURCH this Sunday (or as soon as possible). Get involved in some kind of small group. This is where you're going to learn the most about your new life.

PRAY - Just talk to God. Nothing fancy - in the morning ask for His help, let Him know what is on your mind and tell Him thank you for all He has and is going to do for you.

GIVE - Simply understand that if you put nothing in, you get nothing out of this. Volunteer, participate, give and you'll discover even more! Prove me wrong before you dismiss this one.

Well I'm going to nurse my coffee a little while longer and then enjoy the rest of the day with my family. Remember, don't give up and don't quit. What you did yesterday was amazing and it is worth it all.

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