The Art of Frustration

I remember a chapel speaker from Central Bible College who said, "Frustration is eventually productive."  His point being, if your working on it - you'll be frustrated.  Keep working.

Yesterday my wife showed me someones facebook repost from John Hagee that said,  No matter what you're facing, keep pressing forward. Soon you will look back and say with confidence, "That's why God put me there."

Now with that said, I can declare that these statements are true.  But here is another truth that I have recently learned to embrace.  I will always be frustrated.  Not because I'm never finished, but because I'm never finished.  Confused?  Don't be.  I'm always celebrating victories that are the result of vision becoming reality.  But there is always another step in the vision, another goal to be achieved.  If you are doing it right, there is always something out there to reach for - OR - another thing to frustrate you.  

As I get older I discover that my desire to achieve what God has in store for me, my family, or the church I pastor is ever more pressing.  The reason for this is simple.  The older I get, the more God expects of me.  You can't tell me that all these years of education and experience are suppose to dwindle away with time.  They are even more valuable now than ever before.  How do I know this?

Because frustration is my friend now, not my enemy.  I use to think that frustration was telling me that I was a failure.  Now I understand that it's telling me to be patient.  You're on the right track.  You need to make some course corrections.  You're going to make it.  Don't give up.  Don't quit.  

Oh, I have to admit that it is a love, hate relationship.  But that is the art of frustration.  Don't hate it - let it talk to you.  You might not like what is has to say, but if you listen close enough you discover this one simple truth.  Frustration doesn't want you to fail - it wants you to succeed.