Going to church? - then go to a small group

If you are considering or just started going to a church recently, see if they have any small groups.  They might call them Connect Groups or Life Groups.  But they are a very important part of the churches ministry and an even more important part of your connection to the church.  Why?

#1 - You're not going to attend a church where you don't know anyone.  But, you're not going to make any deep meaningful friendships by just going to the Sunday AM service.  You can develop new friendships in a small group though.

#2 - You're not going to get everything you need in your spiritual formation by just attending the Sunday AM service.  What is presented there is for the whole community of faith.  But a small group can address specific questions and take the time you need to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

#3 - You'll understand your church better, when you see it in action.  Sure the Sunday AM service is great.  But small groups reveal who and what a church is up close and personal.

Different churches approach how they do small groups differently.  However they do it - find a class and attend for a few weeks.  If you like what you experience, then stay.  If it isn't a good fit - try a different class.  Whatever you do - GO!