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The Art of Frustration

I remember a chapel speaker from Central Bible College who said, "Frustration is eventually productive."  His point being, if your working on it - you'll be frustrated.  Keep working. Yesterday my wife showed me someones facebook repost from John Hagee tha t said,   No matter what you're facing, keep pressing forward. Soon you will look back and say with confidence, "That's why God put me there." Now with that said, I can declare that these statements are true.  But here is another truth that I have recently learned to embrace.  I will always be frustrated.  Not because I'm never finished, but because I'm never finished.  Confused?  Don't be.  I'm always celebrating victories that are the result of vision becoming reality.  But there is always another step in the vision, another goal to be achieved.  If you are doing it right, there is always something out there to reach for - OR - another thing to frustrate you.   As I get older

So You've Messed Up Since Last Sunday.

Last week you said a prayer, made a commitment and took action to change your life.  Since then, you blew it.  You fell back to your old ways.  You've sinned - AGAIN!  Well, let's review a few things that I think will help you. THIS IS A PROCESS - not an event.  In our popcorn, microwave, internet speed world.  We assume that what is going to happen to us, is going to happen quickly.  Nope!   Never has and never will.  This is going to take some time. THE GOAL ISN'T PERFECTION!  God knows that you are going to be making some mistakes along the way.  The point is to allow Him into your life so that A) He can start healing your life now and B) He can start changing your life so you don't have to live in the shadow of your mistakes from now on. GOD DOESN'T OWN A TRASHCAN  He hasn't nor will He ever throw you away.  All that stuff you are hearing in your head isn't from God. LET GOD HAVE A "FAIR" CHANCE.  Some people tell God how to do His jo

Why Should I Go To Church?

Let's be honest here - Getting up and going to church on Sunday (or whatever day your church has service) can be a pain.  It is a lot of work!  I know, I've been doing it for 30 years.  Getting kids ready - getting yourself ready - it takes a lot of energy and focus.  It's just easier to stay home.  Why? It is a matter of priorities.  Ask yourself why you go to work?  Why do you take the kids to school?  Why do you go to the store and buy groceries?  These are important to you because you get something out of it.  Money, and education and well fed!  Stop doing one of these things and see what happens.  In a few weeks you will be sitting in the dark - your kids will have to repeat a grade and you're going to get very, very hungry.  We are motivated to keep these (and other things) high on our list of priorities. So where is God on that list?  Somewhere between going to work and washing the car?  I've had people tell me they had to do those things instead of com

Don't Get Upset About the Offering.

If there is one thing that I hear over and over it's about how churches are always asking for money.  So much so, recently, it has become the number one reason why people do not want to attend church.  Well, let me help you out with this. #1 - Where does the church get it's money?  All churches are NOT equal.  Some denominations pay the churches bill and pastors salary.  Some churches have businesses like day cares or coffee shops that help pay the bills.  Some churches are stand alone businesses - they pay their bills on their own.  Why is this important?  If the church you attend is in the later category, believe me, they are going to place a lot of emphasis on the Sunday offering. #2 - What is their theology or values about money as it relates to your relationship with Jesus?  2/3rds of the Gospels talk about money.  Tithing and giving was important in the Old Testament and in the New Testament.  Paul talks about fiscal giving and what the church should be focused on.

Going to church? - then go to a small group

If you are considering or just started going to a church recently, see if they have any small groups.  They might call them Connect Groups or Life Groups.  But they are a very important part of the churches ministry and an even more important part of your connection to the church.  Why? #1 - You're not going to attend a church where you don't know anyone.  But, you're not going to make any deep meaningful friendships by just going to the Sunday AM service.  You can develop new friendships in a small group though. #2 - You're not going to get everything you need in your spiritual formation by just attending the Sunday AM service.  What is presented there is for the whole community of faith.  But a small group can address specific questions and take the time you need to grow in your relationship with Jesus. #3 - You'll understand your church better, when you see it in action.  Sure the Sunday AM service is great.  But small groups reveal who and what a church

Which Church Should I Attend?

Good Question.  If you haven't been attending church frequently, but did this past Easter, you might be interested in incorporating God and His Church into your life and that of your family. First of all, ask yourself why?  If you are attending church in order to "fix" what's wrong with you and/or your family.  You're going for the wrong reasons.  Simply put, church isn't a place where you get repaired.  IT IS a place where you connect to Jesus and discover HEALING.  I've watched people come to church for years.  I can tell you - the ones who had selfish reasons left for selfish reasons.  But the ones who came to humble themselves to God discovered more than what they needed. Next, embrace a few facts.  #1 - You're going to go to church where you are comfortable.  You will find people like yourself there.  There will be friends and people who have similar likes and dislikes.   #2 - The culture of the church most likely will fit you too.  Their mu

The Day After Easter

You attended Easter services somewhere this weekend, maybe at FFWC, and you did something that you were not necessarily planning on doing. You prayed and asked Jesus into your heart - to forgive you of your sins - and to ask Him to take charge of your life. (Be honest you know you need some help). Now what? Did that really happen? If you are having feelings of doubt or confusion - don't panic. You're normal. Let's go through a few things that might help. #1 Did you join a church? No. That wasn't what it was about. Later you can choose to join or be a member of the church of your choice. This was about reconciling your relationship with Jesus. #2 Do I have to go to church now? No - but not going is a very bad idea. Surround yourself with people who are living the life you desire. They have gone through what you are going through and will help you discover a whole new world of hope! Oh yea. If you didn't know. You've started a journey that is going t