The World Assumes You're Stupid

I am sitting here in a restaurant having a cup of coffee and doing some work on the internet when the most bizarre thing happened.

A safety inspector came through and said, "You need a sign on this door (to a closet) that says, 'Not an exit.'"  Really?  Here is a pic of door, next to the door made of glass with a exit sign above it.

I can't find my way out of this building?

I can't see the door that is clearly marked and allows me to see OUTSIDE!

What's my point?

The world you and I live in assumes that we cannot take care of ourselves, feed ourselves, protect ourselves or even know the difference between two doors.

Why?  We live in a world that blames everyone else for their mistakes.  It goes something like this.

(The following hasn't happened, as far as I know)  A) The fire alarm goes off.  B) Everyone exits the building. C) Someone tries the closet door (which is locked) "Oh, what do I do?  How do I get out?"  D)  Someone shows them the glass door, which everyone is already running out of."  E) Everyone escapes, but the person who tried the closet door hires a lawyer and sues said restaurant for causing confusion thus resulting in pain and suffering.  They get a check from the insurance company.

Now do I want people to die in a restaurant fire.  No.   Do I want our culture to stoop to the lowest assumptions about people and think that everyone has the IQ of a Petunia?  No.

Jesus never came to assume the worst about people - He came to bring the best out of them.  The church gets criticized for believing in people.  For giving people hope that they can be better and that they can rise above this culture of stupidity.  There is no reason why anyone has to live their life blaming everyone else for their problems.  Honestly, that's exhausting.

Believe in Jesus today and believe in His mission to set us free from our sins.  Believe that someone can and will place their faith in Jesus too - and be there to encourage them.  See for who they can be, not for who they are.   And by they way - before I even finished typing this entry.



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