Easter THE EVENT vs. A Holy Process

I can hear the announcer now!  "SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY - Come and experience the glorious event know as Easter!  Dress your best and earn points with God.  It's your day to let the world know that you're a good person!  It's on Easter SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! Don't miss it!"  

Yes I'm being sarcastic.  But I think that some people really do view Easter this way!  So, what is Easter?

Easter - the day that Jesus rose from the dead, is an important day in the process known as your life.   Without it you couldn't even have hope for your future, your family or your faith.  Easter is the reason why we can enjoy His presence in our lives everyday.  Easter is the reason why we can pray and know that He hears our prayers.  Easter is the reason why we know that God answers prayers and cares for our needs.  But here is the thing that you have to understand if you are going to know any of this.

All of this happens because we submit our lives to Him EVERYDAY.  Not because we submit to Him on one day.  Easter is a reminder that each and every day of our lives is dedicated to Him.  It is a holy process that we live everyday.  In other words, we submit our lives to His will and live like it - for real.

It is a process - one that we couldn't experience without Jesus.  One that we couldn't know if He hadn't died on the cross for our sins.  One that we couldn't enjoy if He hadn't risen from the dead.  That's why we celebrate Easter.  Not for one day - because it changes our EVERYDAYS!


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