21 Day Convenience Fast

As we approach Easter - we are calling for a 21 day convenience fast.

So let's answer a few questions.

What is a convenience fast?  What do you do that makes your life convenient?  What little things do you do for yourself that makes life a little easier for you?  Is it that Starbucks run?  That daily chocolate fix?  That online game you play?  For the next 21 days you are going to give up a convenience.

Why?  Because you need to make a statement of faith.  A statement that says, Jesus you are more important than (insert your convenience here).  It is this kind of faith that can being to move your mountains and see miracles happen in your life.

Specifically Why?   In the next 20 days or so, we are praying for our Easter weekend services at FFWC.  That means we are praying for you!!  We are praying that you will be successful in inviting people to attend church with you on that day.  We are praying that God will send the volunteers that will make all of this happen.  We are praying that God will supply the needs of FFWC that will make this happen.

What do I do?  First of all choose what you are going to give up.  No it isn't easy, if it was it wouldn't be called fasting.  Secondly,  take that time that you would usually enjoy that convenience to pray.  That 10 minutes you would spend drinking that Starbucks.  That 20 minute drive to work that you would usually listen to your radio or ipod.  Whatever, time you would have spent, give it to God.   Thirdly, LISTEN!  There is something about prayer and fasting that changes the inner man.  But you will never change unless you are listening.  So take a few minutes at the end of your prayer time to hear what God would ask of you.

I believe that Easter weekend will be one of the greatest weekends in the history of FFWC.  Let's do something great for the Kingdom of God TOGETHER!!


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