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Easter and There Is No God

Someone once recently told me that they can't believe in God.  Well if that were true, there would be no Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving.  Bummer. Their rational is, "If He was really here, He wouldn't let the world be in the sad shape that it is in."  We've all heard this one before and probably wondered how we can respond.  Well, here are a few things you can think about. Don't get defensive.  If the person just wants to start an argument.  Leave it alone.  But if they really want to delve into a legitimate conversation - go ahead. Think about this.  God doesn't need your permission to exist.  He is God.  Just because you say there is no God doesn't disprove His existence.  You can say that air doesn't exist, but go ahead and try to live without it.  Yes, it's that basic. Also.  If they understood God they would know that He works through the lives of men and women who call Him Savior and Lord.  If " nothing " is happeni

Easter THE EVENT vs. A Holy Process

I can hear the announcer now!  "SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY - Come and experience the glorious event know as Easter!  Dress your best and earn points with God.  It's your day to let the world know that you're a good person!  It's on Easter SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! Don't miss it!"   Yes I'm being sarcastic.  But I think that some people really do view Easter this way!  So, what is Easter? Easter - the day that Jesus rose from the dead, is an important day in the process known as your life.   Without it you couldn't even have hope for your future, your family or your faith.  Easter is the reason why we can enjoy His presence in our lives everyday.  Easter is the reason why we can pray and know that He hears our prayers.  Easter is the reason why we know that God answers prayers and cares for our needs.  But here is the thing that you have to understand if you are going to know any of this. All of this happens because we submit our lives to Him EVERYDAY

21 Day Convenience Fast

As we approach Easter - we are calling for a 21 day convenience fast. So let's answer a few questions. What is a convenience fast?  What do you do that makes your life convenient?  What little things do you do for yourself that makes life a little easier for you?  Is it that Starbucks run?  That daily chocolate fix?  That online game you play?  For the next 21 days you are going to give up a convenience. Why ?  Because you need to make a statement of faith.  A statement that says, Jesus you are more important than (insert your convenience here).  It is this kind of faith that can being to move your mountains and see miracles happen in your life. Specifically Why?   In the next 20 days or so, we are praying for our Easter weekend services at FFWC.  That means we are praying for you!!  We are praying that you will be successful in inviting people to attend church with you on that day.  We are praying that God will send the volunteers that will make all of this happen.  We a

The World Assumes You're Stupid

I am sitting here in a restaurant having a cup of coffee and doing some work on the internet when the most bizarre thing happened. A safety inspector came through and said, "You need a sign on this door (to a closet) that says, 'Not an exit.'"  Really?  Here is a pic of door, next to the door made of glass with a exit sign above it. I can't find my way out of this building? I can't see the door that is clearly marked and allows me to see OUTSIDE! What's my point? The world you and I live in assumes that we cannot take care of ourselves, feed ourselves, protect ourselves or even know the difference between two doors. Why?  We live in a world that blames everyone else for their mistakes.  It goes something like this. (The following hasn't happened, as far as I know)  A) The fire alarm goes off.  B) Everyone exits the building. C) Someone tries the closet door (which is locked) "Oh, what do I do?  How do I get out?"  D)  Someone

Easter Facebook Timeline Covers for FFWC

Here are some facebook timeline covers for this Easter. Right Click and "Save As" to a file or your desktop.