When God Changes Your World

So as I am sitting here listening to the awesome guidance and wisdom of Dr. Mel Ming from Leadership Development Resources.  

Revitalizing churches - restoring churches to God's DNA - His design for them - has to become a passion of our hearts and lives.  Why?

In short, in the United States of America, if you line up the unsaved (giving 30" per person) around the equator - you could go around the world 2 1/2 times.  Now if that doesn't bother you understand that the line is growing a half a mile a day.  That's 182 miles a year.  That's in the USA only!  

We are no longer living in a church culture.  People don't know what church is, who Jesus is, who God is, what a Bible is or that they even need to be saved from hell.  So what we as a church doing about this?  If you think that this is quite a challenge, you're right.  

The correct question that has to be answered is, "What will we have to sacrifice?"  The church has been in existence for 2,000 years.  But it is still thinking like it was 25 to 50 years ago.  Yes, church worked then, but it doesn't now.  Programs and events have their place, but it isn't the key.  Now we have to  focus on the processes of Christian formation, measurable and noticeable outcomes build with valuable and meaningful relationships that impact your life for Jesus. 

It isn't that it can't be done.  It can and is being done in churches all over our country today.  But the question is, what are we willing to give up to become what God wants us to?  It's easy and it's hard.  It's simple, but difficult.  

When Jesus told us to take up our cross and follow Him He knew that we would have to do it together, as one, as a team.  To pick up a cross implies that we have to lay something down.  Now, we might feel offended - why?  Because we will love what we have to lay down.  The question you must ask yourself is, "Do you love Jesus more than what He is asking you to lay down?"  If you will lay it down, it will result in souls saved.  


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