Sunday Night Reflections

The Salt Class was great today.  Sometimes we start talking about stuff that may or may not be a part of the lesson.  But we believe that the conversation is more important than the information.  Letting the Holy Spirit lead the lesson and talk about what He wants us to discuss always leads to some great revelations. 

Worship was great this morning.  Randy had surgery and is going to be out of the rotation for a little while.  But the rest of the worship team is stepping up - I thank God for all of them. 

The sound system behaved this morning!  Praise God!  Anson was at the helm and did an AWESOME job!

Eric ran Powerpoint and did a great job too!  How do I know (afterall my back is to the wall).  Because nobody complained!  That's always a good sign!

Was happy to see all the guests this morning.  That's to all of you who were here.  We really want to see you again soon! 

Prayer time was really personally today.  God met people one on one.  It's so good when He does that. 

The time after service is becoming more and more important to us as a church.  Everyone is lingering around and spending time in fellowship.  I think this is one of the coolest things about this church.  We work at being a family!  Keep up the good work people!

God wil building an awesome church at Faith Family Worship Center!

Don't forget to write your Save 5 names down this week.  Pray for them.  Engage them in a positive way and invite them SOON to Easter Sunday! 


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