When The World Looses It's Mind

At the time of this entry 27 people are dead from what will be considered one of the worst school shootings in our countries history.

The questions are being asked.  Why?  How?  People are being blamed.  God is being blamed.  Policies and laws will be blamed.  Lawsuits will fly and commentators will pontificate - blah, blah, blah.

So let's focus on what we need to do.

#1 - Pray For The Families.  
This will be a defining moment of their lives.  Never mind that this is the holidays.  What has happen can destroy marriages and families.  Pray for God's grace to descend upon their hearts and lives.

#2 - Blame Satan
When sin is allowed to run rampant, don't be surprised what it will do.  Remember that the Bible says that Satan seeks to steal, kill and destroy.  Do you get it now?  What breaks our hearts causes hell to rejoice.  Whatever led this young man to do what he did - you'll find sins sticky fingers in the midst of it.

#3 - Thank God That You Don't Understand
Simply put, your heart and mind isn't in the same place that this young mans was.  That isn't to say you couldn't go there.  Everyone has the potential, the choice is yours.

#4 - Do Something
If you know someone directly effected by this tragedy, go to them.  You don't have to say anything.  Just being there for them makes a huge difference.  If you don't, go to your children, your spouse, your friend and take a few minutes to be with them - AND ENJOY IT.  You rarely know when it's going to be your last.