What is faith isn't

What is faith?  Personally I think that Hebrews 11:1 is a description of faith - not a definition.  Faith is more than what you say you believe. If what you believe becomes evident in your life - then it's faith.  In other words, you practice what you preach.  

Then it occurred to me that you might need to know what faith isn't.  

It isn't dumb luck - Some people think that if they have enough faith, they will just get lucky.  Nope!

It isn't good intentions - What you intended to do isn't faith.  It's what you do that is faith. 

It isn't cheap - If faith is really faith - then you will be willing to die for it.  

It isn't politically correct - Faith cannot be politically correct and still be faith.  There is a quality about faith that isn't negotiable.  Political correctness wants you to compromise everything.  If your faith is negotiable - then you have to ask yourself if it is really faith.  

It isn't what you make of it - Faith isn't something that you personalize.  Now that isn't to say how you express your faith isn't unique.  But faith itself is from God and God never changes.  

It isn't a label - The media is always talking about different "faiths".  I suppose at some level the word is being used correctly.  But faith is who you are!  God made you to be unique and different.  Your faith will make you stand out in a world of labels.  In fact, if you are doing it right.  They will not be able to label you at all.  


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