Scrappy Church

Writing has always been a passion of mine - regretfully I am a product of the Arkansas School System. Yikes!  So over the last few years I have been blogging, writing sermons, teaching lessons, handouts, mailers, letters, notes, mini books and more.  Has all this practice helped?  I hope so - however I now have the name of a couple of editors who I will probably get to help me with my next project.

Scrappy Church

When times are tough, and they are for all of us, what can we do as leaders to see the vision of the church still become a reality?  You're going to have get scrappy.

What does it mean to be scrappy?  Well one dictionary says, "to have a fighting spirit".  Well Betty is the one from Notre Dame, not me.  (Remember Arkansas?  Go Hogs!)

You might have to be scrappy if your congregation, who is still working (thank you Jesus), is taking home less money than they were a few years ago.

You might have to be scrappy if the new mega church with the mega budget down the road is blanketing the community and sucking the life out of your church.

You might be a scrappy church if you have a great idea for a outreach, but you can't afford it.

Get the idea.

I'm going to base this idea on Gideons 300.  Not Gideon so much, but the 300 that followed him.  What would it take for you to be one of the 300 today?  I don't think that the answer is as easy as you might think.

Well, I have to go now - I know I've got to do something scrappy.

Scrappy Church © 2012 Russ Jones


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