Prepare for your vision - Joshua Leadership Principles

Joshua 3:Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”

Leaders, never forget this.  Prepare yourself for the future.  

When Josh told the Israelites to consecrate themselves, he was telling them to make sure that they were lined up with God's will.  That their hearts were open and honest before Him.  That no only would they live according to the law of Moses, but they also were on board with this plan to cross the Jordan and posses their land.  

Your heart and mind has to be prepared to do what God whats you to do.  You have to be committed to his core values and attitudes.  You have to be committed to His will and direction for your life.  Are you really ready to do what it takes to get where He wants you to go?

First they had to cross a river.  No easy task.  Then they had to conquer their first and most defendable city in the land.  They would have to face giants and armies of the local nations.  They would be challenged spiritually, physically and emotionally.  There were problems to face, challenges to overcome and impossible tasks to accept.  Were they ready?

When you consecrate (dedicated) yourself to your mission, there is a price to pay to achieve it's end.  It isn't going to be easy and it will seem impossible.  Someone once told me.

Direction + pace + price = vision. 

What direction do you want to go in?
How fast (or slow) do you want to go?
What are you willing to pay to get there?  (And that has little to do with money)

Now you know what your vision is?  It's ok to want to be independently wealthy.  But if your not willing to work for it - forget it!  Consecration demands that you know the answers to these questions.  The question is?  Will you ask the questions?