6 Way To Improve Your Holidays

#6 - Avoid Wal-Mart, mall and all those other places that sell lots of stuff that you don't need that people cram themselves into with a bad attitude that want to cut you off in the parking lot and then curse at you like it's your fault.  Just sayin.

#5 - Tell your family that you love them.  There is a misconception during this time of year that you have to purchase a gift that is equal in proportion to the love you have for said person.  There's nothing that says, "I love you" like $9.95 plus shipping and handling.

#4 - Don't eat bad food, drink bad coffee or consume bad desserts.  This time of year is known for putting on the pounds.  Save yourself the weight and don't consume something that you know is going to taste horrible.  If you take a bite and it offends your palette?  Just say no.  Save your taste buds for the good stuff.

#3 - Give.  No, not the useless gifts to people you don't like.  Give your time to people who are struggling this season.  Homeless shelter, nursing homes, etc.  Keeps life in perspective.

#2 - Adapt Tradition.  Do what you do, but do it differently.  Having the family over for dinner?  Have it at the beach!  Hang the Christmas tree from the ceiling.

#1 - Celebrate Christmas, not the holiday.  In a recent CNBC Poll,  45% of Americans said that they would like to skip Christmas.  Why?  Because fiscally they can't afford it.  Can't say that I blame them.  But instead of just skipping Christmas - celebrate it.  The whole Santa Claus, buying gifts and happy holidays thing isn't Christmas.  That's the holiday.  Celebrate Jesus.  Remember, without Christmas we couldn't celebrate Easter.