What people expect of their leaders - Joshua Leadership Principles

Joshua 1: 18 . . . . Only be strong and courageous!

What do people expect of their leaders?  What do people expect of you?  

When Joshua said, "Hey, this is what I need you guys to do!"  They responded with their full support AS LONG AS you are strong and courageous.  

People want to follow good leadership that has clear vision and a well defined purpose.  They also want to know that leaders:

Appreciate Them - People will work hard for you, if they know that you appreciate what they are doing.  One of the biggest complaints that I hear from people today is the lack of support their employers given them.  They feel like that they are being treated as sheep being herded to the slaughter. 

Praise Them - People will work hard for you, if you will tell them how much you appreciate them, need them and want them working for you.  Actually, people would rather hear praises from their leadership before getting a pay raise.  Really!

Will Tell the Truth - People want to know that their leader isn't lying to them.  Integrity is the issue here and people who lead with integrity always have more productive teams working for them.  Even if it is bad news don't worry - just remember the next point. 

Preserver - You will be their leader in the best of times and in the worst of times.  In fact, it is those dark moments that you, as a leader, will earn credibility.  People need to know that you are not a quitter. 

Forgive Them - Mistakes will be made and people need to know that you're not going to hang them for it.  That doesn't mean that responsibility isn't required of those who follow you, it means that you will help them be responsible.  Even if you have to fire someone because of their actions, forgiveness goes a long way to helping you and your team overcome the hurt that mistakes can make.  


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