Leading with enemies - Joshua Principles of Leadership

Joshua 2: 2 - 12 

You have enemies.  They are out there are you know it.  Some of them you can name.  Some of them are personal.  Some of them are spiritual.  Some of them you have no idea about.  But they are there.  

As a leader you have to understand something.  Someone or something is always going to be working against you.  Resistance is to be expected.  Why?  Because your enemies want to do everything in their power to stop your processes of success.  They want to derail your projects, stop forward momentum and discourage any kind of creative or new thought for the future.  In the case of these 2 spies, their lives might have been required of them if they had been captured.  

First of all, what would happen to you if your enemies were to get their way?  Strike a note of fear in your heart?  It probably should.  However, most people don't deal with this fear properly.  If your motive is to defeat your enemies, then you are a warrior.  Warriors all have one thing in common, they get blood on their hands.  When you allow fear to be your guide you will kill anything thing (and I mean ANYTHING) that causes you fear.  As a leader you don't have luxury of doing this.  While there will be times that you have to face your enemies, even defeat them in battle - you cannot make a lifestyle of it. 

Secondly, what are your enemies saying about you?  Rahab let the spies know that the city of Jericho knew very well what was about to happen to them.  That in fact, they were very, very afraid.  This may sound twisted, but there is inspiration in your enemies words.  

Thirdly, make friends in the land of your enemies.  Rahab asked for the favor of the Israelites in return for their protection.  This looks fair and probably is.  But there is something more important at work here.  Mercy.  When your enemies know that your not out to kill them, fear will subside.  Learn how to make friends in hostile lands.  It will be a big key to your success. 


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