Gods Promises Are Tough - Joshua Principles of Leadership

Joshua 1: 5  No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Let’s talk about you for a moment.  Leader, pastor, family leader, employer or whatever your title is.  What is God saying to you?

Wouldn’t you like to have some promises that Joshua had here?  Never leave, never forsake.  Good stuff right?  Well that fact of the matter is, you do.  Ready Hebrews 13:5  

Jesus died on the cross for you.  It wasn’t just for your salvation (even though that would be enough),  It was for your future too.  Jesus died for what was going to happen to you, thousands of years before you were born.  Jesus rose again so he could be here with you today, as he was with Joshua there thousands of years ago.  Confusing?  Well it isn’t really.  

God has always been, always is and will always be.  He knew you before time, He knows you now and He will remember you forever.  He came to defeat the great enemy of our soul and did so.  Now He is here to defeat His actions and plans against you.  

I don’t think that Joshua would have qualified for such a promise if he wasn’t willing to fully submit himself to God.  The difference today is this.  Jesus qualifies you through His death and resurrection.  The question for leaders is this.  Do you accept what He has done for you?

Before you shout YES!  Think about it.  Are you willing to submit your life, your future - EVERYTHING!   Are you willing to do what He wants you to do - even if you don’t want to do it?  Are you willing to trust Him with your life - even if it costs you your life.  Faith isn’t a safe thing.  So what is the toughest thing for you to do as a leader?  In my opinion.  To accept His forgiveness.  To forgive yourself.  


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