Zombie (fill in blank here)

There are a lot of things that people put their faith in.  Education, government, church, justice system, family and so much more.  While I don't think that we should get rid of these things, there is something that as a Christian you need to consider.

Is it Godly?  I know that we live in a culture where everything is done to separate church from state.  Statements of faith are restricted from government property, anything that receives government money and so on.  Families are encouraged to let children make their own decisions about their faith.  Workplaces are being designed to be a politically correct as possible.  Wearing a cross or reading a Bible during you lunch break now constitutes harassment.

But as long as any of these institutions are allowed to operate without the influence of God - they are a zombie institution.  I'm not trying to be insulting here but the fact of the matter is this.  As long as we separate God from anything we automatically surrender it to sin.  Sin will run and ruin everything.  It's goal is death and I have to say, it does a pretty good job of it.

I have seen Zombie Families whose demise was very public and very ugly.
I have experience Zombie Schools where children were disciplined for saying that they believe in Jesus.
I have met Zombie Politicians who do everything they can to silence the church and force it to be what they think it should be.

So the question I would ask of you today is this?  What do you put your faith in and should you precede it with the word Zombie?  If the answer is yes, what can you do about it?  Jesus called for us to be a city set on a hill - something that no one could miss.  Even in the midst of a Zombie School, a Zombie Workplace a Zombie Family.  What can you do to be a witness for Jesus?

How to Minister To Zombies - Faith Family Worship Center, Palm City, Fl.  Sunday's at 10: 30 a.m. Come early for the coffee and bagels!!