You Can Take A Horse To Water . . .

. . .  But you can’t make him drink!  The old adage is simple.  You can lead people but that doesn’t mean they will do what you want them to do.  
I know, the world would be a better place if everyone did what you said.  I can honestly say that there are a number of people who would be better off today if they would have followed some good counsel.  But with that said,  What about you?
Does Jesus lead you to a place in your life where He wants you to do something for Him, but . . . ?   
The Gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor 12) are given to us to help us do what Jesus asks of us.  Whether it is to pastor, lead, witness, pray, work, help, serve, give, encourage, teach or whatever!  These gifts are from God and are to help us do something great for the Kingdom of God.  
But if you’re not willing to do what He asks of you -  will He will give you these gifts?  Well, think of it this way.  If someone gives you a new car and you park it in your driveway.  But you never start it or take it out of the driveway.  Technically have the gift but it worthless to you.  You have to use the gifts of the Spirit for what they were intended in order to bless your life. 


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