You Are Gifted?

I've always had a problem calling some kids "gifted".  That implies that other children are not.  No. I'm not being politically correct here.  I just think that all children are great and that everyone one of them should be treated as such. 

But here is the good news.  You’re gifted!  God has gifted you with special skills and abilities that can do some amazing things just for Him.  Some of them come naturally, others are supernatural.  Regardless, God has given them to you - they are a gift. 
Now I think that most of us understand the word gift.  So let’s do some comparisons here.  
#1 - Gifts are a surprise.  We like surprises.  So don’t be shocked when you discover what gift God has give you!  God did it!!
#2 - Gifts are usually something that is beyond what we expected.  Sure all of us have got underwear at one time or another but God gifts don’t disappoint.  In fact we should be overwhelmed by them. 
#3 - Gifts are expressions of love and appreciation from people that we know.  The greater our relationship with God, the greater the gifts we receive from Him.  
Now with that said, what are your gifts?  This month at FFWC, I am going to be teaching “How to Minister To Zombies!”  What do gifts have to do with Zombies.  Everything!  Come and find out what God has given you to make a difference in this world for Him! 


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