Sunday Night

Well, it’s Sunday evening and I am listening to the subtle sounds of Issac as he delivers his wet, rainy self to our doorsteps.  Rest assured that your commute this morning is going to be a little wet. 

But as I reflect on the last few days, I am encouraged by what I have seen and experienced.  There is no doubt in my mind that the church of Jesus Christ is alive and well today.  Even though this world would do all that it can to discount and discredit the church - in the end it belongs to God.  He will always get the last word. 

Koinonia is the greek work which translates fellowship or communion.  However, neither of these words essentially communicate what koinonia means.  It means to be of such deep community that people care for each other.  

All through the Bible we are commanded to be hospitable, kind, helpful, serving, caring and so much more.  But in a world that is so full of pain and anguish, we tend to turn that part of ourselves off.  We neither have the time to get involved nor the energy to get emotionally involved.  

The problem with that is simple.  God never created us to be alone.  If we don’t find one group to have relationship with - we will find another.  He created the church to be people, not buildings or organizations.  He created it to be alive - not administrated.  

This past weekend I saw a community of believers come to minister to the hearts of 192 people who needed to experience love, hope and a message of grace.  I have never been more proud of Faith Family Worship Center than I am right now.  


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