Reboot defined is to shut down and restart.  It’s computer term if you don’t know.  If things are not going well, just shut down and start over.  The reason for this is simple.  Sometimes, in the start up process, you miss a line of code or a third party software doesn’t come on line.  As a result, the whole computer doesn’t operate properly.  Oh it’s on and it might even be surfing the web or running another program - but when you go to play some music or try to find an address, whoops!  

The same is true of churches, families, marriages and our personal life.  We are operating and doing a lot of things, until . . .   We wonder, why can’t I get my finances in order?  Why do my children hate me?  Why can’t I defeat this temptation in my life?  Why do I lose my temper so often?  Well, you missed a line of code somewhere.  

Someone once said that BIBLE stands for “Basic Instructions before Leaving Earth”  Others call it the handbook for life.  I don’t disagree with it, but let’s bring it to the 21st century.  The Bible is the software that your life runs on.  When it is uploaded properly, (allow those called to preach and teach to invest in your life) your life runs well, even when it’s under pressure.  But if something is defeating you in life, you need to find if you are missing some teachings (code) from the Word of God.  (Operating System)  

What do you do?
A - Shut Down - I didn’t say quit.  But stop doing what you are doing because you need to stop and tell yourself, things need to change.  Take a step of faith and allow God’s Word to speak to your heart and life.  What does the Bible say about what you are going through?

B - Restart - Now approach your need with the right software.  Did you need a virus protection again temptation and sin?  Did you need to upgrade what you already new about the Bible?  Did you need to install some third part software like, prayer, devotions, service?  

I think you get the picture.  So for all my geeky friends you now know that God uses a Mac.  HA


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