Reaching Zombies

I have worked with prisoners, drug addicts, alcoholics, convicted felons and other masters of criminal activity.  You might think that these people are nothing more than the product of their environment.  That they are, for some reason, mentally unbalanced.  You might think that they need to be locked up forever, or that they just need the right environment to change in.  Regardless - you’re wrong. 

They need Jesus. 

Being raised on a farm I know a few things about farm animals.  So if I take a beautiful dress and put it on a pig.  All I have is a pig in a dress.  But if I take that same dress and put it on a beautiful woman - well that’s a lot better don’t you think?  

Jesus came to reach sinners.  He knew that simple making sinners religious wasn’t going to do the job.  He had to do something that would change everything.  So He gave His life for those sins.  People who are messed up and in trouble need what Jesus did for them more than they need another program.  They need somebody to reach them with this message of hope.  Where they are at doesn’t matter.  What they did doesn’t matter.  Where they live for the rest of their life doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that they discover the healing power of God for themselves.  Healing of the body, the mind and of the spirit.  

The world we live in would simply do to zombies what most movies scripts call for.  Kill them all - lock them up - get them away from the “normal” people.  Jesus has a different plan.  Make them normal again.  

Want to read some stories about how miracles like this still happen today?  Click here!

See you Sunday at Faith Family Worship Center.  My Sunday AM series is entitled.  How To Minister To Zombies


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