Reaching This World

This World is lost without Jesus!  There I said it!  Now, MORE than ever before, people need Jesus.  But how do we reach them?

With the Love of God. We show them God’s love in REAL and PRACTICAL ways. 

With the Word of God. We tell them the truth.  The truth will really set them free, but who will tell them?

With the Power of God.  When the love of God and His truth is presented through our lives in the power of the Holy Spirit - anything is possible!

Just ask Peter.  In Acts 2, 3000 were saved

Ask Paul, He raised a young boy from the dead.  Acts 20

Ask Philip.  He was suddenly translated from one place to another. Acts 8

Ask Silas.  Jailbreak! Acts 16

Ask the centurion.  He survived a hurricane and a shipwreck.  Acts 27

And the list goes on.  

We are to reach our world!  They did 2,000 years ago and we can do it today!