I really don’t like that word.  When it comes to my time, it gets expensive.  When it comes to my finances - OUCH!  When it comes to my patience - well let’s not go there.  

Much of what you are doing today may be the result of being overextended.  Finances, time and energy are just a few I can mention.  I also understand that employers are asking more from us (but not paying more).  I know that our families expect more from us and our schedules.  True, the fact that we are overextended may be the result of poor management or wishful thinking.  But the reality is - we are beyond what we feel we can do.  

Now one might think that God would never overextend our faith.  Ask more from us than we can offer.  But that simply isn’t true.  Most of the great faithful people we read about in the Bible got that way because God pushed their faith beyond their limits.  Sometimes it was painful.  Other times it was costly.  But God never failed them, gave up on them or quit.  

Your faith isn’t overextended - it’s just being tested.  It’s discovering new heights and new dimensions to express itself in the future.  Remember, today is only practice for the rest of your tomorrows.