I See Dead People

If you don’t know - I am starting my new series, “How to Minister To Zombies!” this Sunday.  You see dead people everyday!  You might be standing next to one right now!  Yikes!  Well the first thing that I want you to know is - don’t be afraid!  
In Eph. 2 Paul tells us that we were dead in sin.  As long as someone is living in sin - they are dead.  Dead as a doornail dead.  Now obviously I’m not talking about physically, but I am speaking of the spiritual.  But to be honest with you, being spiritually dead is much worse than being physically dead.  Why?
You cannot enjoy the life that you have if your not connect to the Creator who made it.  
It’s like owning a car, but not knowing how to drive it.  It looks good, but completely useless.  Now I know people who would probably argue with me about this.  They would quote to me all of their adventures and accomplishments.  All the exciting things they have done.  Here is the question that I would like to ask.  “What are you going to do next?”  While they would probably tell me their next adventure, I have to wonder why they can’t enjoy what they have.  
When we are connected to God with all our heart, soul and mind - we can be satisfied with what we have and experience.  Life isn’t about seeking the next event, it’s about enjoying what God has given to you right now!  Zombies have an insatiable desire for more and more - but never being satisfied.   Disciples of Christ enjoy what they have and thank God if He gives them more.  


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